Meat is our business

Beauvallet is a family-owned French company founded in 1860 in Pithiviers. Its multi-faceted expertise combining butchery and innovation have enabled it to sell butchered meat and poultry in all retail circuits in France and on the international market.

Beauvallet in France

Beauvallet on the international market

We have several sites and offices established in line with our national strategy to meet the everyday needs of our customers, with high quality products and personalised customer service.

Throughout the world, Beauvallet provides the best meat and poultry, through its 2 subsidiaries in Spain and Poland and thanks to its sales offices on different continents.


We select and sell many high quality, fresh and frozen meat and poultry products, traditional or processed, delicious and flavourful. On consumer plates and in all catering trades, from the finest to the most daring, you can discover all our ranges – completely focused on flavour and pleasure!

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