Our businesses

Our businesses

Our companies are centered around several businesses of traditional trade, international, catering and elaboration of processed and cooked products to measure products, with a strong synergy upstream or downstream, which allow us to offer quality meat products, delicious and tasty in line with developments in our different markets.

  • Purchase of live animals
  • Export of young cattle
  • Processing and commercialization of beef, veal, lamb and pork
  • Elaboration of minced meat
  • Development and commercialization of fresh processed products.
  • Boning, trimming of meat
  • Cutting in weighed and calibrated portions
  • Development and packaging of beef, sheep and pig meats.
  • Purchases and sales of beef, sheep and offals
  • Boning and cutting of beef
  • Purchases and sales of frozen poultry
  • Production and commercialization of frozen poultry and tailor-made products
  • Advices, audits and international training
  • Cutting and processing of butcher’s meat and poultry
  • Cooking of meat (low temperature, by marking, with steam)
  • Sourcing and development of new products in our Research & Development laboratory
  • Implementation of industrial production in selected factories and development of tailor-made products.

Beauvallet's activity sites

Beauvallet is a group of small companies with many proficiencies which make it a key reference for high-quality meat, capable of producing all the cuts and ranges of meat products, for different distribution networks in France and overseas. The small and mid-sized companies are grouped into activity divisions, as shown below:

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