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Team spirit, entrepreneurial spirit

Thanks to a desire to excel and its expertise in its different trades, Beauvallet has developed through external growth to become a major player in the meat industry in France and on the international market. We combine traditional butchery and innovation to develop meat and poultry product ranges, meet customer expectations and follow changing consumer eating habits.


An independent, family-run food company, Beauvallet endeavours to operate with one key objective: satisfying the requirements of all catering professions. Beauvallet’s story is first and foremost about human adventure, men and women who have successfully perpetuated the Beauvallet family history and traditions around meat, federating their shared passions: the taste of great products, love of the land and a passion for innovation.

Our businesses

Our businesses are focused around several trades: traditional retail, restaurants, international trade, processed products and ready meals, with expertise dedicated to the catering industry and mass retail market. We offer high quality, delicious and flavourful meat products, adapted to the changing markets. We also provide customised solutions to suit your every requirement.

  • Buying live animals
  • Sale of whole carcasses on the bone
  • Boning, trimming of beef and lamb
  • Cuts of beef, veal, lamb and pork muscles
  • Manufacture of fresh processed products and minced meat
  • Purchase and processing of meats
  • Breakdown and packaging of beef, lamb and pork
  • Sale of muscles, meat cuts and minced meat for catering
  • Purchase and sale of beef, lamb, poultry and their offal
  • Boning of beef (Hapi Iberica)
  • Production and sale of meat and poultry, raw and cooked processed products
  • Development and sale of tailor-made products
  • Sourcing and preparing new products in our R&D laboratory
  • Design and implementation of industrial production in selected factories
  • Marking, cooking and processing meat, poultry and processed products
  • Development and sale of tailor-made products


Beauvallet is present in France and overseas with 16 national production and sales sites, small companies recognised on their markets, and 2 subsidiaries in Spain and Poland. Beauvallet has developed through external growth, integrating production tools over the years to be as close as possible to its customers, adding to its expertise and managing its supply channels.

Our brand

Quality and innovation, the taste of great product can be found in what we do. A few of our brands.

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