Our story

A human adventure

Beauvallet’s story is first and foremost about the men and women who have successfully perpetuated the Beauvallet family history and traditions around meat. Our expertise and passion for our different trades represent the foundation of our values and the identity of the Beauvallet businesses which want to remain small in size and focused on people.
Our values are focused on tradition, the taste of great products and expertise in our markets, permanently innovating and constantly aware of health and safety all of which contributes to the satisfaction of our customers and the development of our businesses.

Our history

In 1860 the Beauvallet family, based near Pithiviers, kicked off this great family adventure. Butchers and traders from father to son, the company specialised in wholesale and retail meat for traditional butcheries, collective catering and regional restaurants.
In 1971, with the opening of the municipal abattoir in Pithiviers, the Beauvallet brothers developed a boning workshop to diversify their customers, with traditional ranges in supermarkets and for fine restaurants in the central region and Paris area.
Bernard Léguille bought the business from the Beauvallet brothers in 1991, and joined the family story. Over the years and following opportunities, our influence and catchment area has extended past our national borders. As well as an increased geographical presence, Beauvallet’s companies have also developed increasingly processed product ranges, in line with changing eating habits and developing catering trends.
Today, Charles Léguille runs Beauvallet and its businesses, following in his father’s footsteps with the same passion and drive.
Fine butchery since 1860…

Strong relationships with our customers: the proof of mutual confidence

Haute Boucherie since 1860...


A logical development, in line with market expectations


Creation of a new workshop for processed products for Beauvallet Restauration in Pithiviers.


Opening of Hapi Polska offices in Warsaw in Poland to develop poultry sales: production and sale of poultry cuts, raw and frozen processed products, with secure, controlled supply chains.


ISO 22 000 certification for Beauvallet Pithiviers for all its butchery, preparation and packaging activities for beef, lamb, pork and their offal, fresh and frozen.

brochette PE

Creation of a workshop for fresh processed products at CV Plainemaison for mass retail and restaurants/catering.


Launch of the “beef aged on the bone workshop” at Beauvallet Restauration, a meat-ageing cellar in Pithiviers


CV Plainemaison’s Journées Limousines event in Limoges: the specialists in Limousin beef, with our honoured guest Joël Robuchon.


Creation of a new fresh and frozen butchery workshop at Hapi Iberica (Santander) and modernisation of the butchery workshop in Pithiviers

Extension of the mincing workshop at CV Plainemaison and the Journées Limousines event held for the 1st time in Limoges town centre in October.

Launch of “Miam’ys”, a new high-end range of innovative frozen products by Amural Productions: 2-in-1 ready meals: meat + vegetables in one mouthful, for collective catering and snacks.




Systematic discharge testing for E.Coli O157-H7 bacteria for all our minced meat ranges


ISO 22 000 and Halal certification in December 2013 for Hapi Iberica (Santander, Spain).

Hapi Trading becomes “Hapi France” after strategic reorganisation of the international branch.




New butchery workshop at Amural Productions: Beauvallet Restauration developed its fresh meat butchery and packaging activities in the east of France to strengthen its presence and proximity with customers throughout the area.

Transfer of Ducasse sales activities to the Floirac site.


Creation of the “SYNER’J” purchasing structure to develop raw material sourcing for all Beauvallet businesses and help develop sales resources and opportunities within our catering businesses.



Assiette Roti Boeuf cuit Amural

Launch of a new range of roasts and sautés cooked at low temperature sous-vide by Amural Productions for catering.


Extension of the CV Plainemaison site and development ranges for supermarkets and catering/restaurants with innovative and high-performance packaging of meat cuts (individual consumer sales unit vacuum-packed in a controlled atmosphere).

Logo TendreCuire noir

Transfer of veal slaughtering activities from Bucheraud Solivia Associés in Lubersac to the Brive la Gaillarde abattoir.



Acquisition of Sogivig which became Beauvallet Floirac, enabling Beauvallet Restauration to sell its cut and minced meat to the catering market in western France.


Acquisition of Solivia in Corrèze, which merged with Bucheraud in Lubersac, to become the veal specialist and develop meat processing activities for Beauvallet Tradition.



Integration of Amural Productions in Richwiller, which enabled the group to develop processed products and ready meals with high-performance cooking tools for meat and poultry.




New arrivals in France and a new subsidiary in Spain:

To extend its presence beyond the borders of Limousin, Beauvallet was joined by Ducasse et Associés in Bordeaux.

Hapi Trading opened its frozen food office in Cholet, joined by Movidis SA, specialising in the wholesale (inter-company trade) of meat, based in Fougères.

The Hapi Iberica subsidiary was created in Spain in Santander, with the integration of an initial production tool (beef boning machine) in the international branch.



   corbeille fruits

Beauvallet created LMC Gourmet responsible for developing new frozen, ready-to-eat and ready-to-use products, in partnership with the selected factories.



filet independencia

Creation of the Hapi Comércio Alimenticios LTDA subsidiary in Brazil to manage South American supplies.


carcasse veau4

Acquisition of Bucheraud specialising in veal.


Purchase of SARL Baylet, butchery wholesaler in Limoges.


We strengthened our position on the high-end catering market thanks to the acquisition of BIF (Boucherie de l’Ile de France).
Established in Seine-St Denis, BIF (Boucherie de l’Ile de France) works specifically on the high-end restaurant market.


In parallel, looking to develop its traditional wholesale activity and strengthen its positions on the market for Limousin breed and high-end labelled meat retail (milk-fed Label Rouge beef and veal, etc.), Beauvallet created the limited company CVM in Limoges.




Integration of CV Plainemaison: from slaughter to hamburger for the best traceability in the meat industry.
To increase its national coverage, Beauvallet bought CV Plainemaison in Limoges. The company was then mainly present on the market of carcass sales. On this site, we created a butchery workshop and a fresh production chain for minced beef. Today, it is the production site for all Beauvallet minced meat.




International development of Beauvallet businesses: birth of Hapi Trading, a trading company, which was created to develop muscle sales in Europe and South America.



Development of catering business with the integration of Farjas: The purchase of Farjas, now called Beauvallet-Ambérieu in Ain, meant Beauvallet could offer catering products in the Lyon region, and also in the east and south-east of France.



Founding of Beauvallet in Pithiviers: the first stone was laid with the purchase of Beauvallet in Pithiviers. Its strategic position ensured the sale of meat products in the Paris area and also in the west and north.