Beauvallet has several complementary businesses within the meat industry which together enhance and promote meat resources. The synergy of our different businesses and trades means we can develop our expertise with professionals in mass retail and the catering industry.

French Limousin breef-beef sector of Excellence

Over many years, we have established a sustainable partnership with the best Limousin cattle farmers in the area, to best promote Limousin beef in France and around the world. All the animals are selected from many traditional qualified and labelled farms, respecting the Charter for Best Farming Practices and according to precise criteria covering feed, identification, age, conformation, animal well-being, animal health and respect for the environment.
Our unit in Limoges, Plainemaison Aquitaine, has become a benchmark for high quality Limousin beef in France thanks to promotion of the breed and selling exceptional Limousin beef through its “Or Rouge” brand. Or Rouge embodies all the values of Excellence thanks to the elegance of the Limousin breed, the richness of the Limousin terroir and the passion of our professions throughout the industry, and the exceptional know-how of generations. Find the brand’s website by clicking here.

For many years, the company has also organised Prestigious auctions, the Limousin Days, with high quality cows for slaughter. To date, Plainemaison Aquitaine holds the sales record for the most expensive butcher’s cow in Europe (€34,000). Note that the average auction sale of the 66 cows and heifers is also exceptional with a sales record of €9,015.

Sourcing of the best beef breeds

All our ranges of muscles, portions, minced meat and carpaccios are available in French or international breeds.

Limousine: our first know-how, a marbled, tender and juicy meat.
The finest meat, with its incomparable tenderness. One of our plants is located in the region of production, so we became the specialist of this unique breed.

Angus beef: a tender meat, tasty and marbled.
A solid reputation for this world-famous breed and a dark red meat, and very good beef qualities.

Aubrac: rustic with a tender heart: a tender and tasty meat.
The main beef qualities, an assertive taste, a fineness of grain, and its meat is very colorful.

Charolais: a lean and tender meat.
The first beef breed in France, now spread over five continents, making it a French success story.

Norman: tender to perfection: a tasty and marbled meat.
All the beef qualities expected thanks to a well shaped and heavy carcass.

Beef or Pork Meat: Specif origins and specifications

We provide muscle, portions, minced meat, tartar and carpaccio that meet the criteria of origin or labels:

France Origin: the certainty of consuming meat from animals born, bred, slaughtered, then cut up and processed in France.

Meats “Bleu Bleu Cœur”:/em> a range of meats from France produced by cows whose diet favors grass, flax seeds, alfalfa…

Meats from “Pays Basque” area: a meat from carefully selected pigs raised with a GMO-free guaranteed diet, flours of animal origin, whey, fish oil, and various wastes.

“Label Rouge” certification: we have the Label Rouge certification in our Beauvallet minced meat and tartar steaks. Producers who are committed to respect demanding criteria, to offer the consumer a variety of tasty products of superior quality.

Mountain pork: products that value the work of producers from the mountain. There is a rigorous charter that aims to guarantee the quality, authenticity and origin of mountain pork products.

Secure and controlled supplies

We work on industry projects with heavy local involvement to ensure the constant quality of raw materials under the best farming conditions and with the highest standards in terms of flavour, health and safety, regularity and traceability, for meat and poultry. We rigorously select all our suppliers, French and foreign, capable of guaranteeing the volumes whilst respecting the quality and regularity of deliveries. The longevity of these partnerships means we are in phase with market changes to meet your expectations as closely as possible. We manage all administrative and customs formalities and have perfect knowledge of shipping, air and land logistics.

Global sourcing

Thanks to our subsidiaries in Europe and a sales presence throughout the world, we can rigorously select our suppliers and are implementing a global sourcing policy to guarantee supplies of meat and poultry, seizing market opportunities in our different distribution networks. For each animal species, we implement secure and controlled supply chains in France and Europe, in particular via our production sites and all over the world with quality controls at every stage, on the farms, in the abattoirs, with logistics tracking and product quality controls.

Traditional meat butchery and processing

All our production sites process and cut meat according to traditional butchery rules. Unlike an abattoir which sells what it produces, we buy according to customer demand, with a product offer that stems from our businesses and is really adapted to requirements. The meats are aged for more tenderness. We pay particular attention to the specifications jointly drawn up by you and our departments.
We offer products sliced to the correct thickness for the best possible cooking, with non-bevelled slicing and regular thickness for even cooking to taste (blue, rare, medium rare) with the aim of providing an identical plate for all, with guaranteed weight and controlled portion costs.

Tailor-made products and customised service

With our expertise and high-performing industrial tools, we process meat and poultry and make customised meat products for our customers, according to specifications and desired characteristics. We offer a large choice of muscles, cuts and processed products, fresh and frozen, adapted to your requirements. The locations of our production sites throughout France mean short delivery schedules, working as close as possible with our customers, and complete respect for the cold chain. We have our own Research and Development laboratory to prepare customised products and innovative recipes.
Our sales teams are at your disposal to provide advice and meet your requirements.

Advice on the international market

With its experience and expertise in France, Beauvallet has developed its activities extensively on the international market, supporting its catering and supermarket customers in different countries in Africa and the Middle East in particular:
– Audits of supermarket shelves, recommendations
– Development of customised products adapted to local eating habits and different channels
Dashboards and performance indicators
–  Training teams in France and on site.

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