Beauvallet commitments

Team spirit, entrepreneurial spirit

Beauvallet is a leading operator on the meat market thanks to the Men and Women who make a difference through their expertise and respect for commitment. Our values are focused ont he taste of great products, expertise in our markets and concern for customer satisfaction. These commitments are translated into actions to give you the best, every day. Since its creation, these commitments have been the foundation for Beauvallet’s responsible and sustainable strategy.

Customer confidence and satisfaction

For us, our customers are real partners. We establish a relationship and we look after it, always concerned with top quality and customised solutions. We guarantee our suppliers and manage every stage of the chain to offer excellent value for money and also regular logistics and sales tracking. Surrounded by our teams who we congratulate for their commitment and our customers who we thank for their confidence, we work hard to uphold these standards every day.

Quality requirements

At Beauvallet, quality is your guarantee in whatever industry you work. It represents the commitment and rigour of the men and women working on all of our sites, according to an attentive and active quality policy. We work hard to offer our customers high-quality, fresh and frozen products with a standardised and rigorous quality policy covering all our sites based on international ISO standards for the most part and controlled by an independent organisation. All the Beauvallet teams work transparently carrying out traceability and labelling controls at every stage of our product manufacture, applying the HACCP system to guarantee health safety, flavour and compliance of our meat and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Sustainable development

Our environmental, economic and social commitments are part of our global sustainability project. For example, we are working to reduce packaging, supplies and energy consumption. We are focused on continuous staff training and are implementing action plans against hardship at work and for workplace safety and ergonomics.
We work hard for the development of our companies and to help our staff progress, and we are also committed to breeders and have created sustainable partnerships with them, to perpetuate and enhance the work of these great farmers and their families. A profession which is dear to us and which helps preserve the beauty of our countryside and our rural economic fabric.


We are developing meat and processed products with a keen focus on innovation and quality which ensure customer satisfaction and the development of our businesses. We have our own Research and Development laboratory for preparing innovative cuts and recipes, and providing advice with genuine culinary expertise and great creative spirit to create value through difference in the quality of our products and our tradition of butchery.
Innovation is a major challenge for Beauvallet: feeding people well, privileging quality and respect for nature and animal well-being are key values so that you can enjoy great, flavourful meat whilst respecting the diversity of the different cuts and offering new flavours in line with changing eating habits.

Pleasure and nutrition

Meat has daily benefits for eating well, living well and ageing well. It has a central role in our diet. It is not only linked to moments of fun and festivities; it also plays a predominant role in a balanced diet thanks to its high content of elements essential for growth and staying healthy.
Nutrition experts have helped us develop new products, to offer our customers processed products which take into account the necessary proteins required at every stage of life.

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