Journées Limousines October 2017

CV Plainemaison’s Journées Limousines event was a great success in October 2016 in Limoges, bringing together all the industry’s operators around the best Limousin cattle farmers and unprecedented auction sales. This year, the Journées Limousines event organised by Beauvallet / CV Plainemaison will take place from Saturday 21st to Monday 23rd October in Limoges, to promote Limousin beef and the Or Rouge brand, an exceptional meat dedicated to catering industry professionals. Continuing the good work of National Taste Week from 9th

New Hapi Polska sales office

Through its Hapi Volaille subsidiary, Beauvallet is a major poultry operator around the world. Opening a purchase and sales office for poultry and frozen processed products means we can secure and control the supply chains and seize any market opportunities for developing new resources around the world. Find out more: contact the Hapi Volaille sales teams at Fougères: click here  

New seasonal products

New seasonal products: SKEWERS AND SLICES    To go with the sunny weather, Beauvallet Restauration has a large range of kebabs, skewers and chopped beef, veal, pork, lamb and mixed meats, artisan by quality and perfectly butchered, hand cut and assembled to whet your customers’ appetites. Large marinated kebabs, generous and delicious at 300g on the plate, on stainless steel skewers: different and creative mixed grill products for your menus and dishes of the day. And if you wanted to

1st OR ROUGE butcher’s: La Boucherine du Limousin

1st OR ROUGE butcher’s: LA BOUCHERIE DU LIMOUSIN          La Boucherie du Limousin, the first Or Rouge butcher’s, was inaugurated on 10th June 2017 at Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois in the presence of the Mayor, Bernard and Charles Léguille, Thierry Borde, Limousin cattle farmers and regular customers. La Boucherie du Limousin is owned by Thierry Didier de Fresse and is a high-end butcher’s which comfortably bears its name to promote the fine Limousin breed of beef and the undeniable qualities of superior meat

New “Mise en Bouche” magazine spring/summer 2017

Check out the issue of “Mise en Bouche” for spring / summer 2017 celebrating Beauvallet Restauration’s meat cuts with: A spotlight on cut meats and joints to share in this issue: Focus on joints to share (with our 3 new products) A special feature on rack of lamb, product variations and price changes Special feature on saddle of lamb, a delicious alternative to rack of lamb Feature on how to cook a rib of beef And finally, 10 new recipes to spotlight our expertise on joints

ISO 22 000 certification for Beauvallet Pithiviers

Beauvallet is always working to guarantee safe products compliant with customer expectations, and has been using its ISO 9001 management system since 2000. Today, Beauvallet is entering a new phase with its ISO 22 000 certification for the Pithiviers production site for all its activities: Carcass cutting, cuts, processing, packaging beef, lamb, pork and their offal, fresh and frozen and meat product sales. The ISO 22 000 standard is an international standard which applies to all activities representing a food chain and provides