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The Beauvallet brands

Quality and innovation: the taste of a great product can be found in what we do.
A few of our brands.

Rouge Limousine

Rouge Limousine is a brand of meat from animals raised in an environment of High Natural Value. This is genuine Limousin quality meat.

Or Rouge

Or Rouge means exceptional Limousin meat, the first brand to guarantee standardised quality in tenderness and flavour for each piece of meat. Visit the brand website: Or Rouge.fr

Les Tendres à Cuire

A brand distributed by CV Plainemaison for minced meat, cuts and processed products packaged in containers in a modified atmosphere for fresh meat counters in mass retail. Contact our sales teams in Limoges. Click here.

Rest'Or Chef

Rest’Or Chef is the commercial brand for Hapi Viandes and Hapi Volailles. It promotes our butcher’s quality frozen meat in mass retail and the catering industry. To find out more, contact our sales teams in the international division: click here

Easy Parrilla

Easy Parrilla is the new concept of vertical rotisserie created by Hapi France and its Rest’Or Chef brand. This is to offer professionals in the out-of-home catering sector an additional offer that adapts to all activities. This new concept of meat on a spit allows you to offer choice and originality with a high-end professional rotisserie. To find out more, click here or contact our sales teams here.

Les p'tits moelleux

A wide range of fresh, pure, minced French beef and tartares for Beauvallet Restauration, processed on site in Limoges in a secure and controlled environment. Contact our restaurant and catering sales teams for more information. Click here.

Beef aged on the bone

Fine breed beef, aged on the bone in our cold cellars according to traditional, ancestral methods, to develop the flavour and tenderness of the meat. We can produce your meat to order in terms of cuts, packaging, breeds, delivery and more… Read more


Prim-beef is the Beauvallet Restauration brand for our fresh vacuum-packed meat cuts for collective catering. Our meat is cut and weighed for easily-managed portion costs and regularity in supply for canteens, businesses and retirement homes. Contact our sales teams for more information. Click here.

Cross Select Beef

Cross Select Beef is the result of choosing the quality of the carcass rather than the quality of the animal (tenderness, flavour and juiciness). A range of whole, fresh, vacuum-packed beef muscles is available from the Beauvallet Restauration sites. Contact our sales teams. Click here.


An online store for meat products for commercial catering in Greater Paris, delivered by La Bif in Romainville. To read more: click here

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