Plainemaison Aquitaine


Plainemaison Aquitaine: a family-owned French food company

Based in Limoges and specialised in the selection, butchery, processing and packaging of high-end French beef, veal, pork, lamb meat and offal.

Plainemaison Aquitaine is present on the markets of artisanal butchery, mass retail and traditional butchery, commercial catering, collective catering and export.

The company’s particulars

Plainemaison Aquitaine is specialised in the selection and processing of high-end meat, with Limousin beef as its ambassador breed.

The objective of our business is to promote the Limousin breed in all its forms in different commercial trades and circuits where Beauvallet companies operate – traditional butchery, mass retail and catering – through our brands Or Rouge, Sélection Or Rouge and Les Tendres à Cuire.


Lasting partnerships

Over many years, Plainemaison Aquitaine has established enduring partnerships with the best Limousin cattle farmers in the area, to best promote Limousin beef in France and around the world.

Plainemaison Aquitaine also has high quality French meat from different animals. We sell Label Rouge certified beef, veal and pork and meat with different origins and specifications such as Bleu-Blanc-Coeur, Porc de Montagne and Origine Pays Basque.

Plainemaison Aquitaine also promotes our area, selling local meat with products labelled “Viande locale de Nouvelle-Aquitaine” for restaurants and “Produit en Nouvelle-Aquitaine – Limousin” for mass retail.

A fast-growing site

The production site has not stopped growing and developing product ranges in line with consumer trends, integrating new cuts and culinary and technological innovations.

Carcasses and muscles

Plainemaison Aquitaine sells carcasses and muscles to artisan butchers, restaurants and supermarkets for their traditional ranges.

Cuts of meat

Plainemaison Aquitaine has top quality pieces of meat, hand-cut by our butchers, meeting the current demand from chefs. It also has cuts of beef, veal, pork, lamb and offal in fixed weight containers or variable weights for mass retail.


Minced meat

Plainemaison Aquitaine makes all of its minced meat in its special Beauvallet unit. 100% minced muscle, pure meat, from French animals.

Pre-prepared products

Plainemaison Aquitaine also has fresh pre-prepared products for our customers in mass retail, traditional butchery, distribution and away-from-home catering.

Our ranges follow changing eating habits thanks to a dynamic product innovation policy that includes traditional, high-quality raw products, marinades and creative recipes, for increasingly processed products.

High points for Plainemaison Aquitaine: The Or Rouge Limousine Days

Showcasing the Or Rouge brand and Beauvallet’s extensive expertise, the Or Rouge Limousine Days take place every year in Limoges over the 3rd weekend in October.

Organised by Plainemaison Aquitaine and bringing everyone in the business together, for professionals and the general public, the weekend celebrates the exceptional qualities of the famous Limousin breed in its original birthplace.

Farmers, agricultural professionals and local restaurateurs and all stakeholders in the Limousin beef industry come together at this annual event.

Plainemaison Aquitaine holds the European record for the highest price paid at auction for a beef cow, sold for €34,000.

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